Ikea’s Malm bed is a bedroom staple in any first apartment. Or, in my case, seventh apartment.

It sounds and awful lot like “mom”. And if you have a toilet brain, like my friends and I, it doesn’t take much convincing to decide that would make for a funny fake porn site.

And we must not be alone. Because has been a legit viral sensation, reaching many millions of impressions in just a week. It also has also linked many, many, many million more to, who don’t seem to be complaining.

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What I Did Here




I own a Malm


Some Fun Facts

  • More than 7 million unique views in one week

  • A social reach of over 6 million in one week

  • To date we’ve sent over 17 million people to, and all their beautiful Malms


"One of the best Ikea-themed porn parody sites on the Internet."


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