Bring Your Challenges.



Prudential has built one of the most trusted financial services companies in the world. But after 135 years, their brand was showing every day of its age.

To be the most influential financial company of the 21st century, they needed to become more than a financial company. More than a business of numbers and trades, but of people’s needs.  

They needed to get into the business of challenges.


A New Day

This was now a big company with a big purpose, and we needed something just as important to mark the moment. Something that would touch every person in America.

So for one day, we followed the sunrise all the way across the country. We set up over a hundred cameras, from one coast to the next, and captured this single moment that every one of us shares.

(Apparently we also created armageddon.)



A New Look and Voice

Prudential had spent the last 50 years talking exclusively Financial Advisors and CFOs, but to take on the challenges of regular Americans they needed to be able shed the suit. So we had the tall order of giving them a tone that the other 300 million of us could relate to, without alienating the financial professionals.

To do this we created a new voice and new visual language that could speak to the Captains of Industry and regular folks alike. Something that could equally hold up at boardroom table or the kitchen table.