National Marrow Donor Registry

Help I cut myself & I want to save a life


When I was 18, my twin brother diagnosed with leukemia. It was serious bummer. But the worst part was watching him try to find a bone marrow match.

It couldn't be easier to add your name to the bone marrow registry. Yet, it couldn't be harder.

So I spent the better part of a decade trying to find a better way.


What I Did Here





Creative Direction

Reluctant Acting


The Product

We turned a package of over-the-counter bandages into a simple marrow donor registry kit. And an everyday act into a chance to save a life.


Thank You, Sharp Objects

To help promote the idea, we made a PSA to thank sharp objects around the world. Since, after all, every cut is now a chance to save someone’s life.

I'm also still finding flecks of silver in my now shaved armpits.


Some Awards & Honors

→ Cannes Gran Prix For Good

→ D&AD White Pencil

→ Cannes Direct Gold

→ One Show Innovation Gold

→ TED Ideas Worth Spreading

→ Currently part of the Stanford Business School M.B.A. curriculum


Some Press