This is

Day One.



In 2011 the biggest generation in history – the Baby Boom – began turning 65. More than 10,000 people every day. And all of this is taking place in one of the most shaky financial climates in a hundred years.

Needless to say, this is kind of a big deal. And no time for salt and pepper models or bathtubs on the beach. So instead we created a campaign that gave a face to these impossibly large statistics, and a human story to the issues. This is Day One.



Full Documentaries

Documentary TV

The campaign comes together at, were consumers can watch the documentaries, learn about the coming "retirement boom," find helpful tools, and upload photos and stories of their Day One. So far we're at over 10,000. And counting.

Radio Stories

We're currently working with some of the crew from WYNC's RadioLab to create an interview series with more Day One-ers like these: